I've had an attraction to bright, bold florals and to more abstract work, especially involving lines and geometry, for a while now. These two things plus a reintroduction to Pinterest inspired me recently to create the few paintings below. I took some inspiration from artists like Brittany Bass and began experimenting with automatic art, an art form developed by surrealists as a means of accessing the subconscious. Instead of determining exactly what you want to paint, draw or write, you create from a place of inspiration, guided by subconscious thought. While I was at first mimicking other artists, I found that simply through the process of painting abstractly, I was making decisions, whether consciously or subconsciously, to respond to previous brushstrokes in a way that was completely my own, uninfluenced by whomever was my inspiration. 

In many of my college arts classes, I've been instructed to paint realistically. There have been opportunities for abstraction but I suppose my natural instinct when given a specific prompt is to think of a scene or an object that I can paint, usually involving some form of surrealism. So the process of painting without guidelines or prompts has been exciting to dive into! 

Keep an eye out for more and if you're interested in purchasing anything, feel free to reach out.